BKT Liftmax LM 81 - a tyre for heavy lift trucks

The BKT Liftmax LM 81 is still new on the market and equipped with the latest tyre technology. The industrial radial tyre meets the demands of heavy forklift trucks and wheel excavators in material transport and industrial applications.

BKT’s strong all-steel carcass and reinforced sidewall ensure impressive stability and safe handling of forklifts whilst in lift mode.  Additionally, the radial carcass reliably cushions ground unevenness, reducing vibrations. This feature not only increases driving comfort, but the safety of the forklift driver too, as well as preventing material fatigue.

The aggressive and robust tread pattern of Liftmax LM 81 offers excellent traction ensuring extended tread life even under the toughest of operating conditions. The highly wear-resistant rubber compound also plays a role here. It also has an antistatic effect, allowing the Liftmax LM 81 to be used for handling sensitive electronic components and in explosive environments.


The BKT Liftmax LM 81 is a tyre for demanding users and applications. In combination with the BKT bead sealers, it offers considerable driving comfort, safety and high puncture protection in challenging forklift operations.

The BKT Liftmax LM 81 in the shop

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