Technical support

We support you at any time.
From data interfaces to our latest stock items, to precise pre-production calculations to handling data for technical designs - we provide you with our information, so that your everyday work runs as smoothly as possible.


We will accompany you from the first 3D design to the individual tyre to the fully fitted wheel. On request, the competent Bohnenkamp OEM Service colleagues will support you as vehicle manufacturers with their wide range of knowledge and a lot of experience, even during the construction phase . Do you have specific concepts on load bearing capacity, quality, paintwork or reinforcements? Together with selected suppliers, here at Bohnenkamp we also implement customised solutions and configurations for tyres, wheels, rims and vehicle construction.

Data handling

We support machine manufacturer’s development and construction departments with 3D design data, technical drawings and digital models of the tyres, wheels and rims we are trading. Furthermore, we provide technical certificates for all products and in this way contribute to compliance with technical standards and authorisation criteria.


Bohnenkamp competence for your tyre selection! We are happy to support you in your search for the right new tyres for your all-terrain vehicle. Here it comes down to the exact measurements. If the front and rear tyres are not aligned with the all-terrain factor and rolling circumference, there is a risk of uneven wear and, in the worst case, expensive gearbox damage. The tolerance is only a few percentage points. When we retrofit for you; we don’t only advise you on the right profile, but also on the right flow value - either over the phone or by online calculation.

Technical advice app

Bohnenkamp's practical technical advice app provides you with a quick overview of our range and suitable products, whether you are in the office or with a customer. Our mobile electronic index includes all technical information on all current tyres for agriculture, HGVs, industry and earthmoving . As a registered dealer you can also order the tyres you want direct from Bohnenkamp's online shop using the app.